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Born in Padua, Italy in 1986. Lives and works between Padua and Nove.

He received his degree in Architecture with a speciality in Architecture of Landscape in 2011 from the IUAV in Venice.




Francesco Ardini’s work is punctuated by a rich metamorphic and mythological theme which becomes a revaluation on the origins of his actions as an artist.His interest in ceramics began while he was attending the University of Architecture. As a self-taught ceramist he developed a strong technique calling into question the plastic aspect of the material, thus aiming to achieve a sense of lightness and refinement in the visual appearance and material essence of his sculptures and installations. Starting from the domestic dimension and then open up to a universal state, Ardini’s works tell the experience of the involved subjects keeping a reference to one or more "familiar elements" through the use of media and materials easily due to its domestic dimension activating a kind of empathetic relationship.






Selected solo and group exhibitions: Palazzo Ferrero, Biella, Italy (2019); Federica Schiavo Gallery, Milan, Italy (2018); Madeinbritaly Gallery, London, UK (2018); BACC, Scuderie Aldobrandini, Frascati, Italy (2018); Galleria Civica Pirano, Piran, Slovenia (2017); Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale, Icheon, South Korea (2017); Madeinbritaly Gallery at COLLECT - Saatchi Gallery, London, UK (2017); XXI Triennale di Milano, Milan, Italy (2016); Senatura Showroom, Milan, Italy (2016); MIDeC - Museo Internazionale Design Ceramico, Laveno Mombello, Varese, Italy (2016); Federica Schiavo Gallery, Rome, Italy (2015); Ceramic Creative Center, Clayrarch Gimhae Museum, South Korea (2015); 59° Premio Faenza, Mic Museo della Ceramica, Faenza, Italy (2015); Ohmyblue Gallery, Venice, Italy (2014); Nantong International Contemporary Craft Biennale, Nantong State, China (2014); Premio Arte Rugabella, Villa Rusconi, Castano Primo, Milan, Italy (2014); 4th International Triennial of Silicate Arts, International Ceramics Studio, Kapolna, Hungary (2014); ArtBasel, Basel, Switzerland (2014); 34th Concours Internacional de Ceràmica de l’Alcora - CICA, L’Alcora, Castellón, Valencia, Spain (2014); Museu de Ceràmica, L’Alcora, Castellón, Valencia, Spain (2014); Taiwan Biennale Ceramics, Yingge Museum Ceramics, Taipei, Taiwan (2014); Premio Arte Laguna 2014, Arsenale, Venice, Italy (2014); Kirkland Arts Center, Kirkland WA, USA (2014); Museum of Ceramic Palazzo Botton, Castellamonte, Turin, Italy (2013); Jerome Zodo Contemporary, Milan, Italy (2013); Guldagergaard - International Ceramic Research Center, Denmark (2013); Ex Macello, Padua, Italy (2013); Dolomiti Contemporanee, Casso, Pordenone, Italy (2013); Nuove Residency, Nove, Vicenza, Italy (2013); 8th International Award for Contemporary Ceramics, Albissola, Savona, Italy (2012).

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facebook: Francesco Ardini
instagram: francesco_ardini


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