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ME(EEE) 2014 - FRANCESCO ARDINI - selected at 59° FAENZA PRIZE 
A ceramic baroque frame, taken from NOVE(IT)’s traditional shapes, loses its ancient decoration and hosts the graphic symbols used for the communication in the social media. The color becomes a pure elec-tric blue, as the blue used in Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Windows, and loses the connotation of pacific and convivial of the italian and North European ceramics. It has voluntarily a surface of platinum luster and not a mirror, since the luster reflects and distorts the image: the “virtual I” is always a twisted vision of ourselves. In the middle, there is a symbol with which we can interact by tablets or smartphones, using a specific application that evokes the augmented reality. The work is entirely defined, but by using these common objects, that have become our tecnological prosthesis, we can perceive a new world out of ours. The visitor/user reflects himself in the work but sees in between a narcissus, to underline how even he is in love with himself and drowned in this ME generation. (F. Ardini) 

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