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2 -6 February 2017 - COLLECT

We are delighted to have been selected to participate in Collect, the leading international art fair for contemporary objects presented by the Crafts Council.

MADEINBRITALY art gallery is glad to present THE NEW CLASSICS, an exhibition exploring the most contemporary expressions of Italian ceramic through the most archetypical of all forms: the vase. MADEINBRITALY has commissioned the production of a vase to twelve Italian artists and designer-makers representing a broad spectrum of visions, approaches, techniques and materials. The vase element has been chosen as being possibly the most ancient object of use symbolically encompassing the combination of function and aesthetics and the artists have been asked to approach it as a metonym of their vision of the world: a part which stands for the whole. The impressive and very diverse outcomes of this exercise all share a common ground: each piece digs its roots into a classical shape or model which, despite having been revisited and reinterpreted, sometimes twisted and overturned, still remains at the very core of each artwork. This once more shows us how any expression of contemporaneity - reluctantly or enthusiastically, willingly or unconsciously - will have at some point to come to terms with its classical nature.

Francesco Ardini / Oscar Dominguez / Giuseppe Ducrot / FOS Ceramiche / Ana Cecilia Hillar / Antonietta Mazzotti / Pastore & Bovina / Paolo Polloniato / Francesco Raimondi / Robi Renzi / Andrea Salvatori / Bottega Vignoli

Curated by Viola Emaldi


Arts & Crafts

20 Bristol Gardens, London W9 2JQ
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