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Galleria Comunale d’Arte




A series of works that overturn our certainties, allowing us to see everyday objects with new eyes.

The aim is to imagine a new life, reinterpreting everything that seems familiar and safe in order to open ourselves up to uncertainty with a new impetus. Inside and outside the home, inside and outside the ceramic tradition of the production centres, where the artists come to bring their vision.

Through some iconic projects of recent years we retrace the Italian territory and its ceramic traditions. Not a homage, but a concrete stance on life and everyday life. A new way of working, indissolubly uniting concept and craftsmanship.


Irene Biolchini


Francesco Ardini

Valentina Daccardi

Diego Cibelli

Paolo Gonzato

Michele Guido

Loredana Longo

Matteo Nasini

Alessandro Roma 

Cosimo Veneziano

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