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My vision of reality relates to broken objects, uneven surfaces, apparent dissolution and linearity undermined by failure. In the logic of natural transformation everything changes in an organic way which leads to a sense of disgust at the excessive proliferation of life in nature.

Only disgust allows access to splendor, to the ineffable beauty of nature.

"In this work I present the food that is served on the ceramic material as an element of domestic unrest we are experiencing. The excessive amount of food in our society has led to an overproduction of its "pottery" on which it is served. The excess has no dimension. In this work there is a force like a volume; extruded but hyperchaotic in which the details of organic transformation become a witness to the precariousness of nature. The chicken is a common element on tables all around the world and therefore the work has an immediate and global force." (F.Ardini)

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