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Francesco Ardini was born in Padua, Italy, 1986.
He lives and works in Padua and Nove, Italy.
In 2011 he graduated in architecture, specialising in landscape architecture, at Venice Iuav university.
He became interested in ceramics during his university studies.
A self-taught ceramic artist, he has developed powerful techniques by working on the material’s sculptural qualities, in order to obtain a sense of precarious beauty in his sculptures and installations. The passage of time, the imprint of tradition, the dialogue with artisans, and the tension that binds these parts together have become the focus of his work.
In recent years he has approached experimenting with other industrial waste materials by putting sustainability at the center of his works.

2023 variable
waste ceramic powder from local production Zanolli’s ceramic factory, Nove (VI); Italy

2023 variabile
waste ceramic, waste glazes from local production Ceramic
he Crestani

2023 5mx1mx45cm
waste ceramic, ceramic from local production
, glazes

2023 1mx1mx20cm
waste ceramic, ceramic from local production, glaze

2023 4mx4mx40cm
waste clay (raw), waste ceramic from local production, ceramic from VBC ceramic factory, Nove (VI)